Open:Doors Initiative // Lifeline to the hospitality industry

Open:Doors Initiative

Coolbox are proud to announce our Open:Doors Initiative; a lifeline for the hospitality sector. Harness the power of social video to show your customers you’re open for business.

It’s been a tough few months for everyone in the hospitality sector; but there’s light at the end of the tunnel. Following the Prime Minister’s announcement on 23rd June, the government has reduced the social distancing rules in England from 2m to 1m; adding that restaurants and pubs are now allowed to reopen.

About Coolbox

Open:Doors Initiative is our way of helping the hospitality sector back on their feet.

Coolbox are a video production company based in Manchester, creating online & social video content for the food, drink and leisure sectors. Our company has not been untouched by the current situation we find ourselves in. But as an active member of Manchester’s vibrant and varied hospitality sector, we wanted to give something back, and help our city recover and get back on its feet.

Our Aim

To help Restaurants, Bars, Pubs, Cafes and Eateries – recover and flourish.

To keep customers, servers, chefs, managers, bartenders, porters and baristas – safe from harm.

Enabling hospitality businesses to connect with and inform their customers online.

How we can help

Open:Doors Initiative is our way of helping the hospitality sector back on their feet.

Employing targeted video is the fastest and most effective way of engaging with your customers online, to let them know about the changes and improvements you’ve made to your business, ensuring a safe eating and drinking experience.

Post the video on your social feeds, DM your regulars, update your blog and website, mail it out and shout it loud; we are open and ready to serve you!

Positive Outcomes

  • Let customers know you’re open for business
  • Help Control Environment
  • Manage Customer Expectations
  • Provide Assurance
  • Enable a safe experience for all

What we’re offering

Open:Doors Initiative is our way of helping the hospitality sector back on their feet.
  1. To understand and interpret your business’s new procedures to keep staff and customers safe in the coming months (Zoom Video Session – 1 hour)
  2. Film the measures you’re taking to make your business safe; social distancing, cleaning regimes, staff PPE – what customers can expect when they visit. And what you expect from guests to ensure a safe environment for all.
  3. Combine the footage of your bar, restaurant, cafe or pub with key information displayed with graphics (and a killer soundtrack of course).
  4. We’ll provide you with a package of content to be delivered across social platforms and wherever you interact with customers (online or in-store).

How much will it cost?

We’re offering this video content package to help our fellow Manchester businesses get back on their feet for £495 (+VAT)

Offer available to the first 10 businesses.

Get in touch to book your slot now. This is a one time limited place offer.

We’re all in this together. And together we’re stronger.