First 3 Months As Coolbox’s New Production Assistant

Heyy! I’m Jess! After receiving the job offer from Coolbox three months ago, it is difficult to comprehend how time has flown by. My dread of beginning work after so much education was understandable. Nevertheless, Coolbox had the crash mats ready and turned the anxiety into excitement.

After taking a few weeks to recoup after extensive studies, I started working for Coolbox as a Production Assistant in November. In order for me to be a part of a firm that creates such amazing material, I spent a lot of time developing my background of talents.

Jess graduating from Salford University with her Master Degree

Despite my extensive education, there were still many things I didn’t know and I was worried that this might hurt rather than benefit the business. Despite being able to provide my own set of skills to the team, I was still met with a variety of obstacles that pushed me personally and I received a tonne of support from the group.

Working with a variety of clients and being surrounded by such amazing people have been my favourite aspects. On shoots, you get to meet all kinds of interesting people who inspire you. So many diligent workers from all backgrounds. Never a dull moment!

I find the variety of jobs I complete every day to be interesting. I fluctuate between assistant duties, ordering, researching, and emailing, as well as more active jobs like filming, editing, and producing. With the numerous options this profession gives me, I can constantly improve and broaden my skill set.

Filming in London for NatWest

I was sent to London by Coolbox alone during my second week of employment to collaborate with independent filmmaker Ed Lister on a shoot for NatWest. During this filming, I worked with the client and a group of young aspiring entrepreneurs as a Set Producer and Assistant. This carried a lot of responsibility for ensuring that the shoot went successfully and everything ran as planned. Working with the young pupils and watching them experience this event while talking to them about their feelings and opinions on the process was wonderful. 

In a separate project, ‘The Wharf Marple’, I have been documenting the progress of a Grade 2 listed building that is being renovated as a community space. I have been communicating with the renovation director for the past three months and interviewing managers, builders, site visitors, and heritage directors as they provide me updates on the construction’s status. Being a part of a single, stunning endeavour has been exciting and fascinating. I’m eager to continue this process and see the outcome in the end because this build will go on till the new year.

Filming with the Sony FX3 for the Wharf Marple project

It’s been an incredible start to this job, and I’m grateful to have found the right company to give me a chance in this industry. There is always something new to learn. And I’m prepared to face whatever challenges come my way. I’m so grateful I get to experience these things with such an inspirational team!

Speak to ya soon!