Emmerdale 50th Anniversary

To celebrate turning 50 years old, beloved British soap Emmerdale aired an hour long special, featuring all the chaos and drama you’d expect from the long-standing show after half a century on air. From epic storms ravaging the (usually peaceful) Yorkshire village, a deadly cow stampede and a caravan flying through the air.

Following the airing of the special, Coolbox were asked to create a piece of online content featuring cast member Lisa Riley chatting to the three Directors of the 50th Anniversary episodes; Michael Lacey, Tim O’Mara and Ian Bevitt.

Our crew opted to shoot the hour-long conversation at the Emmerdale Studios in Leeds; using one of the show’s sets as our backdrop.

The round table was shot on the full Sony FX range; the FX9, FX6 and small but mighty FX3 on the Rhino Arc II motorized slider.