Do I need a video for my crowdfunding campaign?

Does your brand need a pitch video for their next crowdfunding campaign?

I recently posted on Linkedin about our friends at White Peak Distillery absolutely smashing their crowdfunding goal. We worked with the Derbyshire-based whisky producers to create their promotional video, giving an overview of the business and outlining their offering via the funding campaign.

For anyone living under a rock, and doesn’t know what crowdfunding is…

It’s where you get a lot of people to invest in your idea, rather than finding one person to come up with everything you need. You can use a crowdfunding platform to manage all the collections and give you a central location to share your ideas, along with the materials and videos that explain what you’re trying to accomplish. They take a cut of your donations, and some require setup or promotional fees. (definition borrowed from GoDaddy)

The global crowdfunding market size was $84 billion as of 2018 and is expected to reach $114 billion by 2021.


There are literally hundreds of crowdfunding platforms available to businesses, brands, inventors, charities, artists, etc. Some you’ve probably heard of, and some that are a little more niche…

Kickstarter. Indiegogo. Patreon. GoFundMe. Chuffed. ArtistShare. MightyCause. Crowdfunder. CrowdCube. Funding Circle.

…to name a few. 

But pretty much all of them share one key element. They require an engaging pitch video as part of the campaign. 

Over the past few years, Coolbox have been commissioned to produce many crowdfunding campaign videos. All of which we’re pleased to report, have been successful in reaching (and often overfunding) their goals. 

Here are a few of our favourites…

ProjectBuxton Riding School

Goal: To build an indoor arena which will improve the outcome for disabled children and adults having riding therapy by keeping warm and dry.

Result: Successfully raised £7,070 with 148 supporters in 35 days

Behind the scenes from our shoot at Buxton Riding School
Completed building after successful campaign

Campaign Video 

ProjectVictoria Baths Stained Glass Restoration

Goal: Victoria Baths in Manchester is a listed Edwardian swimming pool and Turkish Baths complex, closed since 1993 awaiting restoration. The goal was to fully restore a huge stained glass window in the Sports Hall here, making it weather-tight again for hundreds of years to come.

Result: Original goal was to reach £5000, Victoria Baths successfully raised £10,683 with 138 supporters in 27 days.

Behind the scenes of filming at Victoria Baths
Window under construction at Victoria Baths

Campaign Video 

ProjectWhite Peak Distillery 

Goal: The first whisky distillery in the Peak District region, White Peak Distillery has won awards for its spirit and as a visitor destination. With sell out early releases ahead of its inaugural Oct ’21 whisky launch, WPD were seeking funding to build its premium brand and sales in the UK and abroad.

Result: The original goal was to raise £500,000. At the time of writing, WPD have raised a whopping £1,139,380, with 4 days of the campaign to go. That’s 227% funded!

Behind the scenes filming at White Peak Distillery
Some of WPD's beautiful whisky in the caskroom

Campaign Video 

‘The campaign video really brings our brand to life, and we couldn’t be happier with the end result’

Max Vaughan, Founder of White Peak Distillery

If you’re about to launch your crowdfunding campaign, have you thought about your video yet? Get in touch with Coolbox and we’ll get you started. 

Marc J Grundy

Director, Coolbox