Edinburgh’s Contini Ristorante – Promotional Video Filming

In June 2014, we produced a short promotional film for newly rebranded Edinburgh Scottish-Italian restaurant, Contini Ristorante.


Previously trading as Centotre, Contini Ristorante is owned and managed by Victor and Carina Contini, along with their sister restaurants, The Scottish Cafe and The Cannonball on the Royal Mile.


Serving award-winning classic Italian dishes, Contini is located in one of Edinburgh’s former beautiful banking halls along George Street.

The brief for the video was to show website visitors ‘a day in the the life’ at Contini, from opening up at 6am, laying tables and prepping for service, to seeing the fresh produce arrive from Italy, cocktails being served late afternoon, and groups and friends coming together to enjoy some of the city’s best Italian cuisine.


The Continis explained how it was important for us to include the interaction between their friendly, passionate staff and their loyal customers. And most importantly, Victor’s warmth and charm that keeps the regulars coming back for more.


The entire film was shot using our Sony FS700, taking advantage of the super slow mo for most of the cooking sequences.

You can watch the finished film here.