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JW Lees Cask Ale Week

Cask Ale Week is back! Running from 21st September to 1st October, this occasion allows us to celebrate all-things-cask, it’s one of our favourite times of year.

This year, we took to the streets of Manchester’s Northern Quarter to ask the public what their perception of cask beer was 🤔 I think it’s safe to say, we’ve converted some seasoned keg and lager drinkers over to the dark side 🙏

Crossip Drinks // Unapologetically Bold

A new video series from CROSSIP that explores the art of staying true to yourself, so you can live your best, authentic life.

In the first three episodes, you’ll meet a mixologist, business founder, musician and photographer who have taken risks, faced doubts and been dragged down by the naysayers. They talk through shaking it all off, and doing it anyway in the name of their passions and thirst for the extraordinary.

Glengoyne // Sherry Casks

Glengoyne is involved at every stage of the entire six-year journey of their Sherry casks. The distillery specify which trees are felled, level of charring, the type of Sherry and how long the casks are seasoned.

Coolbox created a short, informative film to help show the lengths the whisky brand go to ensuring the casks used to mature their spirit are the very best quality, and only use sustainable practices.

The Glen Grant // Private Cask Collection

Always a pleasure working with our friends at The Glen Grant Distillery in the beautiful Speyside 🥃🎥

This time we were speaking to the legend Dennis Malcolm about the distillery’s old and rare casks.

Having started working at the distillery as an apprentice cooper at just fifteen years old, Dennis now finds himself Master Distiller of one of Scotland’s most-lauded distilleries

Pago Fruit Juice

Wow! 23 videos in 1 day! 🍇🍋🍓

What a great project! We loved working with Pago Fruit Juice to create a series of fruity, summery videos for their Amazon Store and social channels.

Pago juices are produced from natural fruits, sourced from the best fruit growers in the world to provide a special experience to savour.

Rude Health

Coolbox worked with London-based innovative food and drinks company, Rude Health to create a suite of punchy, colourful social promos to showcase their core range of milk alternatives.

Each film featured a different Rude Health product, being used to create an indulgent creamy latte, fruity smoothie or refreshing iced coffee.

Whisky Magazine // A Life in Whisky (Dennis Malcolm)

Coolbox has once again partnered with Whisky Magazine to feature an icon of the industry. The Glen Grant Distillery in Speyside honours its revered master distiller, Dennis Malcolm, who has reached his 60th year in the whisky industry, with the release of its oldest and rarest whisky yet.

Watch our 40-minute documentary on one of Scotch Whisky’s living legends.

White Peak Distillery // Crowdfunding Campaign

White Peak Distillery established the first full-scale craft distillery in the Peak District region, with a focus on creating authentic spirits with unique favour.

Coolbox were lucky enough to work with Max and the WPD team to produce their recent crowdfunding campaign video.

They managed to reach their £500K funding goal within 2 hours of the campaign going live.

Malfy Gin // Blood Orange

If you haven’t tried Malfy Gin‘s delish Blood Orange edition yet, then perhaps this short video will give you a taste.
‘Italian oranges combined with a selection of ripe Sicilian blood oranges are blended with the finest botanicals and handpicked juniper to create a succulent and vibrant flavour.’
This juicy number was created in the Coolbox studio in just a few short hours. Amazing what’s possible when you’ve got a great product to begin with.

Forty Five Vermouth

This little social promo was created for our friends at The Spirit of Manchester Distillery, to celebrate their exciting new product; Forty Five Vermouth.

Forty Five Vermouth is a truly British vermouth with industry at its core. Made with 100% English wine and the fortified with a blend of botanicals; the brand set out to create an aromatic vermouth to take on the tiresome, and confront the ordinary.

Tiny Rebel Brewery

Here’s a little social promo video we produced for Welsh brewers Tiny Rebel.
Now it might not be immediately obvious by the final film, but this piece of content was produced during the COVID 19 lock down in Director Marc’s dining room – come makeshift studio.
Amazing what’s possible in a pinch, eh?

JW Lees Brewery // Generation 5000

Coolbox recently teamed up with JW Lees Brewery to create a video to celebrate their Generation 5000 yeast!

The launch campaign gives beer fans a unique look into how J.W. Lees have developed their yeast for 5000 generations, and sheds light on an often forgotten ingredient.

JW Lees yeast is a special, unique ingredient that adds rare character and flavour to our beers that can’t be reproduced or replicated anywhere else.

We Are Creation // Brand Activation

Our friends at We Are Creation are experts in brand activation for the drinks industry. They approached Coolbox to help them make a little ‘sizzle reel’ to show off some of their best projects of past few years.
The brief was simple enough; create a series of nice scenes with a selection of the agency’s best barware and brand elements.
Simple enough? We thought it needed a little extra ‘je nais se quois’ to make it really sing. This came in the form of super slow motion destruction.

Tamdhu Whisky // From Spain to Speyside // A Mini-Documentary

Coolbox joined Distillery Manager Sandy McIntyre and Global Brand Ambassador Gordon Dundas on their journey through Spain to see how Tamdhu’s beautiful sherry casks are produced.

Starting in the north of the country, deep in the forests surrounding Lugo we watched the mighty European Oak trees being felled, and transported to the local sawmill. The staves then enter the cooperages of southern Spain, as expert craftsmen transform the wooden slats into casks over flaming pits. Finally, these casks are filled with Oloroso sherry and are left to mature for several years. They are then shipped to Scotland, to live out their final years in the cool Speyside warehouses at Tamdhu.

Arber Gin – Cocktail Videos

We’ve been working with LWC Drinks in Manchester to create some social video content for their new brand, Arber Gin.
Nine pot-stilled botanicals are combined to make a refreshing, botanical tribute to Agnes Arber; The first woman to receive the Gold Medal of The Linnean Society.

Coolbox produced a series of short, snappy cocktail videos, each using Arber Gin as the key ingredient. These were followed up by a selection of food pairing films, in which local Manchester restaurants would pair one of the Arber Gin cocktails with a dish from their menus.

Johnnie Walker Whisky – First Footing

What a fantastic way to end the year, with our new film for Johnnie Walker whisky, featuring Scottish fashion and lifestyle blogger The Everyday Man.

With just a few days until Christmas, Glasgow-based PR agency 3X1 got in touch to ask Coolbox to produce a 20 second social media video for the Johnnie Walker Facebook page.

Despite the tight schedule, Coolbox were able to shoot and cut the video for Diageo within 24 hours, quite a turnaround I think you’ll agree. The video was launched online just before Christmas on the lead up to Hogmanay celebrations in Scotland.

Tamdhu Whisky – 50 Year Old Launch Film

Tamdhu Distillery have launched their 50 year old whisky, and Coolbox have spent the past 12 months following its journey. This is, without doubt, our favourite project we’ve ever worked on.

The care, dedication and love that goes into making a product like this is immeasurable. From the glass blowers at Dartington Crystal in Devon, to the silversmiths upstairs at Hamilton & Inches in Edinburgh, to the master distillers at Tamdhu in Aberlour.

We feel truly blessed to have been a part of telling the story of this wonderful whisky (and trust me, it is absolutely spectacular). If you have a spare few minutes, please watch our film, and check out the great microsite The Weather Digital put together for the launch: www.tamdhu50.com

Father’s Day at Glengoyne Distillery

For Father’s Day, Glengoyne asked Coolbox to produce a heart-warming social media video, featuring members of their distillery team.

We worked closely with The Weather Digital to capture short in-situ interviews with many familiar faces at Glengoyne, who told us about their most memorable, satisfying and interesting moments of being a father. And perhaps more importantly, what presents they were most excited about receiving this year (it’s not hard to guess what most of them said).

Decorrum Spiced Rum

We’re immensely proud to have worked with the the team at Decorrum to launch their new Great Gatsby inspired Spiced Rum.

The promo video was shot in the Coolbox studio, using the Sony FX9 with our new Rhino Arc II motion control unit and slider.

Decorrum wanted a sleek, sexy, 1950s feel for their launch video. We combined black silk backdrops, with luxurious slow motion pouring shots for the ultimate seductive centrepiece.

You can view more of our films on our Vimeo page

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