Motion Graphics Portfolio

Lloyds Bank

Worried about shopping online? Or frightened to open a suspicious looking email? Check out our recent motion graphic animation for Lloyds Bank, identifying how to stay aware online by spotting ‘Five Common Scams’.

We worked closely with Edinburgh-based agency, Editions Financial to produce the animation.

Barclays – 4th Industrial Revolution

Recently we worked with Barclays to produce this nifty little motion graphic animation to support their 4th Industrial Revolution campaign.

4IR technologies such as machine learning, big data analysis, real-time data collection and advanced robotics are driving manufacturing into a new digital era. Barclays are examining UK manufacturing’s attitudes to 4IR and the benefits that early adopters of 4IR technology have experienced.

What is PayPal? – Motion Graphic Project

This is a instructional video we created for PayPal. The motion graphics were produced entirely within After Effects from a bank of elements provided by the client following their recent rebrand.

Following completion of the video, we were also asked to produce replicas for the French, German and Spanish PayPal websites.

You can view more of our films on our Vimeo page

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